We provide all services needed for shipping in one location.
Our state-of-the-art facilities and perfected storage techniques are at the same level across Japan, allowing us to provide high quality distribution to our customers.

List of Services

  • Storage

    With many of our own facilities and over 100 years of accumulated storage and cargo loading know-how, we are able to provide the optimal distribution services for the special characteristics of our customers goods.

  • Import-Export

    Leveraging our global distribution network, we use our detailed knowledge of different countries’ customs and other laws and our decision-making ability developed from many years of experience to provide our customers with optimal import-export services.

  • Valuables

    Since opening a trunk room business in Otemachi (Tokyo) in 1957, we have expanded our operations across Japan and gained much know-how under the motto of “Safe, trusted, convenient.” In order to store our customers’ belongings in the most optimal environment for various items’ special characteristics, we provide two types of storage: Long-term Trusted Storage, which has complete climate control; and Free Entry/Exit (During Operating Hours) Convenient Storage.

  • Artwork

    We have a long track record with handling artwork, from packaging and transport to storage. At our specialized artwork trunk room with complete climate control, customers can choose the optimal method for the size and number of artworks they own, from storing a single painting to renting their own personal storage locker. With viewing rooms and inspection rooms at our facilities, artworks can be cared for and exchanged.

  • Document Storage and Management

    We have a long track record, both domestically and abroad, of storing and managing our customers’ valuable document assets. We provide safe, trusted, and meticulous storage services. BCP measures, centralized storing and management of documents across multiple domestic locations, and office reorganization or relocation all require the organization, reduction, and destruction of company documents. We help our clients deal with these issues while storing their important information assets, as well as providing proposals for making use of their documents.

  • Healthcare Distribution

    We have advanced facilities in Kobe City and Kazo, Saitama Prefecture, capable of providing storage at four temperature settings (room temperature, fixed temperature, refrigerated, frozen) and specialized for storing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. Because we have licenses and permits for pharmaceutical manufacturing and wholesale, we can outsource storage of clinical trial drugs, distribution processes, and even decisions of whether or not to ship a product. Additionally, some facilities are GMP, QMS compatible, with each location continually staffed by a managing pharmacist or a technician in charge in order to increase our customers’ efficiency and reduce their costs.

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