The education sector requires various tasks done in large volumes: practice exam applications, creating exam items, conducting exams, collecting papers, marking, and mailing out exam results. By outsourcing the entire process to us, customers can keep the quality of a quick and accurate processing, while also greatly reducing costs and workload.

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    We provide one-stop service from creating test items, printing, mailing, collecting test papers, digital marking, and processing marks.

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    Our marking know-how inherited from Kodak allows for the marking of even written answer problems.

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    Our marking system has a stellar track record, marking 1.4 million test papers from 400,000 students in a year.

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    Marking is done by first scanning the answer sheet and processing the image to delete all private information before the marking begins, thus preventing any leaks of private information.

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    By digitalizing the necessary documents for printing certificates such as school registers and transcripts, customers can reduce the time needed to travel to storage locations and greatly increase work efficiency by reducing search time. The risk of original documents being destroyed is also reduced.