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We keep your valuable goods such as paintings, antiques, registered swords, and precious works of art.

Long Experience in Handling Works of Art

We have outsatnding expertise in the handling of works of art, from packing and transportation to storage. You may select the optimal storage method depending on the size and quantity from a warehousing space dedicated to art works having a full air-conditioning system to a specific locker for masterpieces. There are also inspection rooms, and reception rooms available in the facilities for taking care of your own items.

Perfectly Managed Facilities

The storage facilities built in accordance with new seismic isolation schemes introduce monitoring cameras and thoroughly control entry and exit of the buildings. In addition to the mechanical security systems, experienced security guards protect your valuable items. Walls are coated with dust-proof paint and the insides are maintained at constant temperature and humidity (around 17°C and 55% humidity). Therefore, you can store your precious items in our facilities for long time with peace of mind.

<Main Features of our Storage Facilities>

  • Structure: Seismic isolation structure
  • Fire extinguishing system: Halogenated fire extinguishers (for storage areas with art and valuables)/fire hydrants/portable fire extinguishers/fire alarm system
  • Air-conditioning system: Constant temperature and humidity (Temperatures: 17, 20 and 25°C/Humidity: 55, 60 and 65%)
  • Security system: Monitoring cameras/security card entry management system/infrared sensors/mechanical security system (nighttime)/security guards (daytime)
  • Dust-proofing: Dust-proof paint
  • Others: Private electric generator/photo-shooting room, viewing room (free of charge, but requiring reservation in advance)

Recommended Solutions

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