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Formulation of the “Medium-term Management Plan 2017”

The “Medium-term Management Plan 2017” starting from FY 2018 and ending on FY 2022 has been formulated.

Business Guidelines in the “Medium-term Management Plan 2017”

With the “Medium-term Management Plan 2017,” based on the following three basic guidelines for business operations, we will become a first-call company trusted by customers, while utilizing our comprehensive lineup of logistics services as an “integrated logistics provider” and going beyond national, regional, and industrial borders to resolve customers’ issues.

The basic guidelines for business operations consist of the following three points.

  • (1)Reinforcement of the fundamental earnings power of our businesses
  • (2)Rebuilding of our financial base
  • (3)Development of comprehensive solution services based on customers by strengthening Group management

Transition to a Holding Company Structure

In order for each of our businesses to grow further, expand the scale of operation, and promote the sustained improvement of our corporate value, Mitsui-Soko Group has made Transition to a Holding Company Structure on October 1st, 2014. Mitsui-Soko Group, under this Structure, will strive for further growth in the medium to long term future the following division of roles.

  • (1)A holding company must support operating companies which strive to develop independently and autonomously. Considering the optimal and medium to long-term perspective, it must develop strategies and allocate resources from the entire group, as well as consolidate common features.
  • (2)An operating company can freely make quick decisions within its authority, and while utilizing support from the holding company, adamantly pursue growth opportunities within its business areas.

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